Survey Suggests Those Who Don’t Use Prepaid Cards Aren’t Aware of Fees

by Mercator Advisory Group 0, a website that offers online coupon codes and printable coupons, sponsored a survey that seems to suggest that U.S. adults who don’t use prepaid aren’t aware of their fees. While the full results and data are not available, the line up of the numbers is interesting.

According to a new survey from, nearly six-in-ten (58 percent) U.S. adults said they are not aware of fees associated with prepaid debit card use. In addition, more than one-quarter (27 percent) of U.S. adults agree they are more likely to use a prepaid debit card now than before the recession.

While it may be a statistical coincidence, it seems that those who have bought prepaid cards also match up with those who are aware of fees.

Prepaid debit card use is common, as more than four-in-ten (42 percent) U.S. adults have purchased or received a prepaid debit card for personal use.

To be fair, CouponCabin offers good advice when it says to shop around and to maintain credit accounts in order to protect one’s credit score. However, the survey potentially paints an unfair picture of the prepaid industry in that those who do not or have not used prepaid cards would have no reason to be aware of the fees on the cards.

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