Study Finds Mechants Want Mobile but Aren't Organized For It

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

We’ve been saying mobile payments and the broader challenge of mobile commerce is shaking everyone up. Merchants are no different. This study confirms Mercator’s own findings that merchants are vastly interested in the potential for mobile commerce but, for the most part, aren’t organized to take advantage of it.

“Retailers know mobile is critical yet they aren’t able to do what they know they need to do,” said David Eads, head of product marketing at Kony. “We think the mobile chaos is a major challenge for retailers.

“Some retailers are investing heavily in mobile,” he said. “But those that aren’t will be at a significant competitive disadvantage.”

That’s hardly a surprise. Merchants have competing IT projects to contend with. Payments has traditionally been under corporate treasury control. Meanwhile, advertising, couponing, loyalty, and other merchandising functions are managed by marketing. Those two groups have very different priorities.

This study also confirms that consumers are way ahead in their interest to use mobile payments. Over 60% of the respondents claim they are already doing comparison shopping through their mobile phones when in a real store. Retailers have to catch up.

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