Study Contends Consumers Footing the Bill for Durbin

by Tim Sloane 0

This month, PayPal will roll out its plastic cards, issued in a partnership with Discover, which will enable PayPal to be accepted at the approximately 7 million retail locations that accept Discover.

From Media Post:

“We’re aggressively pursuing this opportunity, focused on solving real consumer and merchant pain points and enabling growth for merchants of all sizes in local commerce,” said [CEO John] Donahoe.

This follow PayPal’s development of relationships with major retailers including Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Foot Locker and JC Penney, as well as PayPal’s mPOS Solution, PayPal Here, all of which were intended to bring PayPal to the point of sale.

PayPal has created plenty of opportunity for its 128 million account holders to make card present payments. The problem is that it has provided minimal incentive. Making payments with traditional credit and debit cards is a simple and convenient process for consumers. PayPal needs to provide both motivation and opportunity in order to convince them to stop paying with bank issued cards and start using PayPal ones. PayPal has provided the opportunity; now it’s time to begin focusing on incentivizing the change.

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