StormX Concludes with $32 Million in Successful Token Crowdsale

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Participants show support for the blockchain-powered micro-task marketplace

Cayman Islands – December 8, 2017 – StormX, the blockchain-powered adtech and gamified micro-task innovators, today announced that the crowdsale for its ERC-20 token STORM Token has successfully concluded its crowdsale, with $32 million USD contributed. Throughout the sale period, StormX cemented strategic collaborations with Alchemist Ventures, QTUM, Changelly, Zencash, Kyber Network, Bancor, and Jaxx to expand the platform’s global presence and enhance the utility of STORM tokens.

StormX CEO Simon Yu said, “The outpouring of support we’ve received from both individuals and industry-leading companies and advisors in our community in the lead up to the sale, and afterwards, has been humbling. Thanks to the commitment of our Storm Players and Storm Makers, we are confident that we’ll achieve our vision of creating a gamified micro-task platform that will revolutionize and democratize the freelance micro-task marketplace. We hope people worldwide will adopt our mechanism for commerce to connect and interact in a marketplace with significantly reduced transaction costs.”

Post-crowdsale, StormX will focus on next steps to develop the Storm Market. The Storm Market platform will operate like an online marketplace where Storm Players are rewarded for completing gamified micro-tasks. Storm Makers and Storm Players will be able to use the Storm Market platform to create and accept tasks using Ethereum-based smart contracts, which are powered by STORM Tokens.

The Storm Market platform will include three gamified opportunities in the following categories: Storm Play, Storm Shop, and Storm Gigs. Storm Play, formerly known as BitMaker, rewards anyone STORM Tokens for watching advertisements and trying out new products and services. Storm Shop will reward users with STORM Tokens for buying certain products and services. Storm Gigs will enable anyone to request services, such as QA Testing or Machine Learning tasks, and select available, appropriately-skilled workers to complete micro-tasks.

Steven Nerayoff Esq., LL.M., Alchemist Ventures Founder and architect of the Ethereum token sale, said, “Alchemist is delighted to have played a critical role by incubating such a high-profile and successful token sale. By bringing StormX together with major partners like QTUM, Kyber Network, and Bancor, Alchemist has helped create an unstoppable force in connecting millions of individuals to a new, decentralized and democratic economy.”

Simon Yu added, “By utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology, we’ve already created a platform that provides endless reward opportunities for individuals at little to no transaction cost. Going forward, we plan to build on this success and focus on maximizing the user-experience by offering more products, services and opportunities in our marketplace. Our team of thought leaders and blockchain experts will continue to work tirelessly to create an exciting and rewarding experience for Storm users.”

About StormX, Inc.:

StormX, Inc. is the creator of Storm Play (formerly known as BitMaker), and Storm Market, with gamified micro-tasks, where people can earn STORM tokens anywhere, at anytime, from any device. With over 1.2 million downloads, over 300K monthly active users across 187 countries, StormX is expanding based on demand. Current gamified micro-tasks include trying out different products and services, like Hulu, Dollar Shave Club and Final Fantasy.  As Storm Market expands, the focus is adding new category of gamified micro-tasks (Storm Gigs) in Machine Learning and QA Testing. The vision expands beyond enabling micro-earning opportunities to creating a gamified path for people globally to advance in life with a whole new way of job advancement. For more information, visit

About Alchemist:

Alchemist is a full-service blockchain investment and advisory company, specializing in token sales, hedge funds, capital formation, and end-to-end product development of public blockchain applications. Founded by some of the leading names behind preeminent projects such as Ethereum, Lisk, Bancor, ZCash, amongst others, Alchemist also provides venture financing and underwriting to projects creating tradeable digital assets for the new token economy.  For more information, visit

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