State Rep Accepts Bitcoin Donations

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The Next Web published an article over the weekend questioning whether Bitcoin is still the darling of the alternative-currency space in the same way it was when it debuted in 2009. The currency’s real-world value reached as high as $30 in the U.S. at one point, but also hit a low at just $2 in a 52-week period. But Bitcoin continues to grab headlines.

BitInstant, which is an exchange that helps consumers who use Bitcoin transfers, two weeks ago announced it soon would launch a prepaid debit MasterCard. And now a State Rep in New Hampshire is bringing Bitcoin more into the mainstream and is enabling political donations using the currency.

From Finextra:

US State Representative Mark Warden has added a Bitcoin donation system to his campaign Website, marking the first use of the decentralised virtual currency system by a sitting incumbent politician. Warden, who is running for re-election in Hillsborough County’s District 39, sits on the far right wing of the Republican party, campaigning for limited constitutional government.

Warden noted he’s come across constituents and vendors that prefer Bitcoin, which is why he’s adding it as a payment option for campaign donations. Bitcoin’s use as a campaign-donation option could help put the currency in a better light as critics see it as nothing more than a method to buy and sell different types of contraband.

The Next Web article reports Bitcoin is used more and more for legit and legal purchases, at least according to those who use and defend the currency:

Developer and Bitcoin evangelist Julian Noble pointed out, in an interview with TNW, a number of legitimate ways Bitcoin is currently being used in transactions. Virtual private networks, legal online gambling, Bitcoin mining equipment and even tea make the list.

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