Spy on your AdWords Competitors with SpyFu

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Consumers have been growing increasingly worried about the over-exposure of their personal information, and now The Financial Brand points out that the banks and credit unions might have similar concerns.

It turns out that a handy tool is readily available enabling them to discover the underlying constraints and keyword focus of campaigns mounted through Google AdWords.

“How would you like to know your competitor’s strategy for Google AdWords? … What keywords are they buying? How much is their daily budget? It’s easy to find all this information…and much, much more,” reports The Financial Brand.

The report goes on to describe the capabilities of a web analytics site called SpyFu.com

which provides the underlying analysis.

By way of examples, The Financial Brand outlines the auction value of selected banking-specific keywords, and summarizes recent-period AdWords budgets for 12 leading bank or credit union advertisers.

Not surprisingly, Bank of America leads the pack, with a daily click-through budget ranging from $22,000 to $95,000 on the dates surveyed.

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