SPT First to Pilot Rambus Ecebs HCE Ticketing

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Enablingmore convenient travel, new program includes a HCE Ticket Wallet Service andTicketing App for a secure transition from physical to virtual smart cards

EAST KILBRIDE, UK – January 26, 2017 – Rambus Ecebs today announcedStrathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) will initiate a pilot program forthe newly announced HCE ticketing solution, which will be delivered by Nevis Technologies, the joint venture company formedbetween Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), Scotland’s largestregional transport partnership, and Rambus Ecebs, a leader insmart technology for transportation. Roll-out forthe first HCE Ticketing Solution is planned during 2017. The program uses acomprehensive mobile ticketing product suite leveraging Host Card Emulation(HCE) technology to securely load virtual smart cards onto smart phones. TheHCE Ticketing Solution can be implemented using existing smart infrastructureand enables transport operators to easily and securely transition from physicalto virtual smart cards.

“This pilot program with Rambus Ecebsand the Nevis team helps us build on our value proposition to make travel moreconvenient, secure and efficient for our transport systems,” said Eric Stewart,assistant chief executive, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport. “The newsolution leverages HCE technology, a proven technology in mobile payments, todeliver secure mobile ticketing to NFC-enabled smart phones across all mobilenetworks. Travelers can securely select, purchase, download and use theirticket anywhere on the SPT Subway.”

Rambus Ecebs will provide SPT with theHCE Ticket Wallet Service, which securely provisions and manages a virtualsmart card to store tickets on the phone, and a configurable HCE Ticketing App,which provides consumers with an interface to purchase, fulfill and managetickets. For transport operators, the Ticketing App helps collect valuabletraveler data and analytics to optimize ticket offers, pricing, staffing androutes.

“This program brings more convenient,smart ticketing to travelers,” said David Braddock, director of NevisTechnologies. “Our mission is to deliver more value-added services andsolutions to the transport system and its consumers and we are excited tolaunch this new pilot program.”

Select riders will be given the HCETicketing App, which is fully integrated with Rambus Ecebs’ suite of smart ticketing products. The app enables travelers to load smart ticketsimmediately to a smart phone without needing to physically go to a ticketmachine. The HCE Ticketing Solution can be deployed with existing ITSO-basedinfrastructure, the UK interoperable open ticketing specification.

Deployment of this program will start inQ2/Q3 2017.

About Nevis Technologies

Nevis Technologies is a joint venturecompany between Rambus Ecebs and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).The company was formed to deliver secure, integrated smart ticketing toScotland, bringing together a depth of expertise from both the transport andsmart technology industries. www.nevistechnologies.co.uk.

About Rambus Ecebs

RambusEcebs provides interoperable smart ticketing systems. Our products are at thecutting edge of transport ticketing technology and include a suite of ITSOcompliant solutions, Host Card Emulation (HCE), Account Based Ticketing (ABT),NFC mobile apps and data analytics, all underpinned by robust security.

About Rambus Inc.

Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS) creates innovativehardware and software technologies, driving advancements from the data centerto the mobile edge. Our chips, customizable IP cores, architecture licenses,tools, services, software, training and innovations improve the competitiveadvantage of our customers. We collaborate with the industry, partnering withleading ASIC and SoC designers, foundries, IP developers, EDA companies andvalidation labs. Our products are integrated into tens of billions of devicesand systems, powering and securing diverse applications, including Big Data,Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, consumer and media platforms. At Rambus, weare makers of better. For more information, visit rambus.com.

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