Solving For Cross Border Payment Problems

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

The border between the United States and Canada looms large for businesses close to it. That created a niche opportunity for Montana-based NXGEN Payment Services, who created the Canada Certified program.

A point solution designed to allow merchants to accept Canadian debit cards, a preferred payment form in that country, this strategy underscores the barriers that local debit networks present to cardholders who are often unable to use their card outside their local market. This problem is also being addressed by some Canadian issuers who are beginning to offer dual-network cards.

Overall, Jenkins said becoming Canada Certified has been a huge plus for his business and he has made a point of recommending the program to other businesses in his area.

“I would like to see people in my community do better, and if this program can help them then I’m more than willing to share information about it,” Jenkins said.

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