Smaller Businesses to Benefit from Vendor-Proven Mobility Integration

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Small businesses exist because a passionate entrepreneur is committed to do something for customers in a way things have not been done before. The diversity of small business ranges from a sole practitioner delivering professional services, to a multi-location retail or manufacturing operation. Whatever the special interests that fuels entrepreneurs, it is highly unlikely that the wonders of bookkeeping are what drives their delight (or differentiates their expertise) in the business they are trying to grow.

As banks have long known, and alternative payment providers are now learning, the simplicity of a solution is the key to selling to the principals of small businesses. Those principals just don’t have the time to master many special skills other than those connected to their particular expertise. Intuit has recently taken a major step forward in the simplicity of its offerings, by integrating the mobile GoPayment solution with the established QuickBooks point-of-sale product.

Not only does this combination make life easier for the entrepreneur trying to sell through both channels, mobile as well as brick-and-mortar, but it goes further in its integration to QuickBooks accounting.

Trevor Dryer, Intuit’s Head of Product Management, Mobile Payments & Point of Sale explained to GigaOm:

As businesses start to grow with more inventory, employees and more locations, they’re looking for a bigger system to handle not just payments but the entire suite of services including demand generation, engagement, loyalty, inventory, analytics, accounting and other needs. … Intuit’s system can handle thousands of inventory items and has better options for grouping products and customer tracking.

Intuit recognizes the richness and diversity of the so-called small business segment and is committed (as evidenced by the recent sale of its banking solution to Bottomline) to developing solutions for that business segment. This integration of two products is a solid step in the right direction.

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