Small Value Payments to Turkey Added To Earthport’s Network

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

United Kingdom-based Earthport, a regulated international payment service provider, continues to expand the scope of supported destinations for low-cost execution of small value remittance payments. According to the firm’s Dec. 11 press release:

The launch of the service for Turkey will enable Earthport’s clients to reach an estimated 42 million[1] bank accounts. Leveraging domestic clearing, Earthport’s cross-border payments service allows clients to offer competitive corporate and remittance payments products.

Earthport primarily serves banks, providing a more economical means for them to offer remittance services to its respective customers, both individual and commercial. According to the firm, it can now execute payments using local clearing systems in more than 50 countries, and will continue to expand the network offered to customers.

Click here to read more from Earthport’s press release.

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