ShopKeep Offers Businesses Free EMV Equipment

by Michael Misasi 0

A recent article on recode.netreports that ShopKeep, a provider of tablet-based POS solutions, is enticingnew customers with free equipment that is capable of processing contact EMV aswell as NFC transactions.

The ongoing transition to EMV transaction processing in theU.S. may create opportunities for POS providers to win business withcompetitive pricing. Small business in particular may balk at the cost of newEMV hardware.

“We see ourselves as the IT departments for these growingmerchants so we want them to have the latest technology,” said Norm Merritt,ShopKeep’s co-CEO

EMV aside, Shopkeep is a cost leader with respect tohardware pricing in the tablet POS business. Even still, Shopkeep advertised apromotion that included $500 off all hardware purchases earlier this year. Thatpromotion was advertised as lasting through the end of 2014, but the offer doesnot appear to be listed on the firm’s website any more.

Overview by Michael Misasi, Analyst, Credit Advisory Service for Mecator Advisory Group

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