Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on Privacy Protections Related to Mobile Devices

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Senator Al Franken, chair of the Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law, hosted hearings yesterday concerning the data gathering and privacy implications of mobile technologies. Panelists included not only Federal regulators, but also independent privacy advocates and representatives of both Apple and Google.

The recorded hearing can be found as a Webcast at the link below. The hearing apparently did not start precisely on time, although the webcast did; simply pushing the time to the 18 minute mark will allow the viewer to see the more than two hours of testimony. Key issues included outlines of competing interests, not only commercial interests, but also data gathering interests of law enforcement, versus the individual’s right to privacy.

Associated with these hearings, the Wall Street Journal also published another in its now famous series called “What They Know,” focusing on location data: who gathers it, who uses it, and how. The still-growing importance of the privacy debate will impact the lives of every user of mobile technology, and may therefore have significant impact on the proliferation of mobile banking.

Listen to the Webcast by clicking here:

What They Know from the Wall Street Journal:

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