SAP and Sybase Share Their Roadmap for Banks

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

SAP announced their acquisition of Sybase on May 1st and discussed in aninterview with BS&T their integration plans.

At the heart of what the two companies want to offer banks in the future iscross-channel integration: mobile banking integrated with online banking andcore banking, and analytics that reflect customer behavior across all theretail channels (except ATMs).

Sybase 365 has long offered online and mobile banking software. SAPprovides back-office processing software for banks (SAP for Banking; HSBC,Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered are among its users) as well as analyticstools for corporate performance, compliance, risk management and such and theenterprise resource management software it is well known for.

“We can provide an integrated stack of e-banking, corebanking and m-banking,”

Raj Nathan,executive vice president and chief marketing officer, worldwide marketing andbusiness solutions operations at Sybase

. “The mobile banking software supports allplatforms including tablets, iPads, iPhone, BlackBerries and Android devices,and interfaces that range in richness from simple text messages to interactiveloan applications.”

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