Sabre Launches Virtual Payments for Travel

by Rick Hall 0

Sabre announced the launch ofvirtual payment capabilities into its corporate online booking system,GetThere.

The integration of Sabre VirtualPayments into GetThere provides enhanced payment and reconciliation forcorporate travel departments and travel management companies (TMCs). The initial launch will address hotel bookingand payment with plans to expand to airfare on the horizon.

The launch of Sabre Virtual Paymentsis the latest in a series of recent developments to expand the controls thatvirtual cards provide into the travel and entertainment segment. As noted in the recent announcement by YannisKarmis, from Sabre Corporate Solutions, “IntegratingSabre’s Virtual Payments with GetThere improves accuracy, efficiency andcompliance by enforcing travel policy spending limits and automating expensereconciliation.. Additionally, fraud exposure is reduced as virtual cardnumbers can be configured to contain value and validity controls specific toeach travel segment.”

Virtual card paymentscontinue grow across all sectors of the commercial payments marketplace. Mercatorcontinues to observe that the traditional challenges of acceptance and manualreconciliation of payments are creating new markets for innovation. Overcoming these issues provides no only forgreater program controls but by taking out some of the manual processinefficiencies, the value propositions get even stronger.

Overview by Rick Hall, Director, Commercial and Enterprise Payments for Mercator Advisory Group

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