RushCard Allows Members to Customize Card Plans

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

UniRush now offers a new payment plan and a tool that will help cardholders identify the plan that best fits their usage pattern. “With RushCard’s latest feature, new and existing members can visit and use the fee calculator which will assess members’ plans to use the card to receive a recommendation of which card plan would be best for them based on the information they’ve submitted.” Trying to decipher the new pricing plans, one understands why such a tool was needed.

To meet the demand of more and more people defecting from traditional banks, The Prepaid Visa RushCard announced today that it is giving its members the flexibility to choose card plans that are better suited for their individual spending habits along with even lower card fees. This new feature allows members to pay only for services they use and it gives them the choice to switch plans as often as their needs change.

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