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First Data’s same store spend tracking data remained cautiously positive in June, although historical comparisons may have been swayed by gasoline price swings. Overall average ticket size was also up 1% in June from the previous year:

Year-over-year dollar volume growth was 7.1% in June, compared to May’s 6.0% growth. Despite falling gas prices, the cost of gas was higher on a year-over-year basis, which also supported the overall growth. Gas Station dollar volume growth returned to positive territory at 3.5% compared to last month’s growth of -2.0%.

Credit card growth remained a positive trend compared to both debit transaction types. This growth could be related to a broader uptick in credit card usage; the Federal Reserve’s G19 statistic on consumer revolving credit indicated an uptick in outstandings for May. However, higher credit card spending has generally not translated into increased revolving outstandings in the post-recession environment.

Continuing the trend from the beginning of 2013, credit card dollar volume and transaction growth surpassed both PIN and signature debit growth in June. Dollar volume growth on credit cards was 8.8% compared to PIN and signature debit growth of 4.4% and 6.9%.

Interestingly, prepaid card use was also up, perhaps coinciding with the “dads and grads” spending season.

June Dollar Volume Growth CHANGE
Credit +8.8%
Signature Debit +6.9%
PIN Debit +4.4%
Check –6.6%
Prepaid +12.7%

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