Retailer Magic Beans Launches Mobile Self-Checkout App

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

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The flexibility of software and theubiquity of mobile devices now shifts to retailer-based apps that consumersdownload to do their own shopping and payment in-store. Take the standarde-commerce experience of adding products to a virtual shopping cart. That’s what this does with the addition of expanded product information basedon iPhone-based barcode scanning. Add the product to your virtualcart. And when you’re ready to checkout, you the consumer enter your paymentcard directly into the app, storable for future purchases, press pay and showyour payment confirmation to the clerk on the way out the door.

With mobile,in this scenario, the consumer scans the products, handles the checkoutprocess, and tenders the payment. It’s self service for the smallerretailer.

“We look at mobile as the ability to bridge ecommerce and in-store shoppingfor the first time,” Mr. Paradise said. “What it’s really allowing iscross-channel shopping options for retailers.

“Retailers can provide consumers with a united world of information fromonline combined with the tactile experience and immediacy of offline,” he said.

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