Retail Gift Card Association to Feature U.S. Secret Service Insider Perspective on Gift Card Fraud at Inaugural Forum Event

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October conference session will provide best practices to help closed-loop gift card program managers and other industry stakeholders mitigate fraud


ATLANTA, July 25, 2017 – Today the Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA) announced it will feature a session solely dedicated to closed-loop gift card fraud at its inaugural RGCA Forum event this October. The panel discussion will include exclusive speaker insights from U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Andrew Matushek and Walmart investigative analytics and intelligence expert Fred Helms among others.


During the session, attendees will learn about what is driving gift card fraud at a global level and how fraudsters are evolving and changing the landscape of the gift card industry.


“Fraud is one of the hottest topics in the gift card industry, and fraudsters aren’t going away—in fact, some are getting smarter. Our goal is to share expertise about who these fraudsters are, how they’re committing fraud and what gift card industry stakeholders can do to spot them,” said U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Andrew Matushek. “Using first-hand accounts and insights, we will provide attendees with best practices to combat the different types of fraud occurring today so industry stakeholders can implement safeguards to mitigate it.”


“It’s important for us to share our collective knowledge so we can pool our resources and expertise to equip ourselves to defend our businesses and our customers,” said Fred Helms, investigative analytics and intelligence at Walmart. “With the emergence of secondary markets, the transition to EMV and the increasing reliance on digital payments technology we are seeing many new types of industry activity. Discussing these issues together will help all of us develop solutions to neutralize fraud before it happens.”


The RGCA Forum is open to RGCA members and non-members alike. It is an inclusive, interactive event for closed-loop gift card industry stakeholders and will feature additional in-depth discussions on merchandising, secondary markets, digital platforms, holiday trends, regulatory issues and other timely topics surrounding closed-loop gift cards. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend educational sessions, network with seasoned industry professionals and participate in roundtables.


To register for the RGCA Forum or learn more about the event’s agenda and speakers, click here.


The RGCA is the only non-profit trade organization that represents the closed-loop gift card industry, and its board and executive committee work collaboratively to protect, promote and enhance the use of retail gift cards. It is comprised of more than 85 of the world’s most-recognizable retail brands and non-retail industry partners, and has been the leading gift card advocacy group since its inception in 2008.


For more information on the RGCA, or to become a member, visit our website at


About the Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA)

The Retail Gift Card Association is the nonprofit trade association that represents the closed-loop gift category. The Association’s mission is to protect, promote and enhance the use of retail gift cards. All RGCA members abide by a Code of Principles that supports consumer-friendly policies for the purchase and redemption of closed-loop gift cards. RGCA’s membership is comprised of retailers from all sectors and including restaurants, general merchandise, apparel, sporting and leisure, and non-retailers. For more information, visit us at

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