Retail Gift Card Association Announces New Leadership, Members

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Gift card tradeorganization appoints new board of directors, executive committee officers for2017-2018 term

WASHINGTON D.C., April 25,2017 – Today the Retail Gift CardAssociation (RGCA) announced its 2017-2018 board of directors and executivecommittee, as well as exciting association growth with the addition of numerousnew brand members.

The RGCA is the only non-profittrade organization that represents the closed-loop gift card industry, and itsboard and executive committee work collaboratively to protect, promote andenhance the use of retail gift cards.

The 2017-2018 RGCA leadershipare comprised of returning and new members, and will assume their rolesimmediately. The board and committee now include:

In addition to its newleadership lineup, the RGCA announced its 2017 membership additions, includingbrand retailers and marquee gift card industry stakeholders:

“We are very proud of ourimpressive growth so far this year; it is a strong testament to the terrificvalue the RGCA provides to its members,” said Colleen Dorwart, RGCA board ofdirectors chair. “As the demand for gift cards remains high and the landscapeof the industry continues to evolve, we will remain committed to protectingconsumers and addressing new challenges that arise as purchasing and redemptionchannels change. I am invigorated to work with the new RGCA leadership team topropel our association to new achievements in the future.”

New members of the RGCA Board ofDirectors will be formally recognized at the inaugural RGCA Forum October 2through 4 in Kansas City, MO. The event is a new conference uniquely focused onthe issues and trends impacting today’s gift card industry.

The RGCA is comprised of morethan 85 of the world’s most-recognizable retail brands and non-retail industrypartners, and has been the leading gift card advocacy group since its inceptionin 2008.

For more information on theRGCA, or to become a member, visit our website at

About the Retail Gift CardAssociation (RGCA)

The Retail Gift CardAssociation is the nonprofit trade association that represents the closed-loopgift category. The Association’s mission is to protect, promote and enhance theuse of retail gift cards. All RGCA members abide by a Code of Principles thatsupports consumer-friendly policies for the purchase and redemption ofclosed-loop gift cards. RGCA’s membership is comprised of retailers from allsectors and including restaurants, general merchandise, apparel, sporting andleisure, and non-retailers. For more information, visit us at

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