Rambus Accelerates Mobile Wallet Adoption with Unified Payment Platform

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Allows retailers to digitize credit cards,gift cards, loyalty points and coupons into a secure retail wallet for aseamless shopping experience

SUNNYVALE, CA, February 27, 2017 – TodayRambusInc. (NASDAQ: RMBS) announced acomprehensive mobile payments platform to enhance payment security, reduceoperational costs and increase revenue for retailers. The RambusUnified Payment Platform securely converts andmanages digital value to enable consumers to pay with credit, points andcoupons in a single transaction, and transform how they shop and pay.

“Our Unified Payment Platform is based on a bank-provenfoundation from our Bell ID acquisition, utilizing tokenization and cardprovisioning technology that is in use among the largest banks and paymentnetworks worldwide,” said Dr. Ron Black, president and CEO of Rambus. “Our newplatform extends this offering to the retailer, enabling them to incorporatepayments and manage digital currencies inside a single app to realize anenhanced frictionless shopping experience.”

Overview of Rambus Unified PaymentPlatform

The Unified Payment Platform consists of these primarycomponents: 1) the Digital Value Manager, 2) Retail Wallet Engine, 3) awhite-label retail app and 4) optional modules to support credit/debit cards,gift cards, loyalty points and coupons.

Rambus Unified Payments Platform

The DigitalValue Manager – the core of the Unified Payment Platform – allows retailers toconnect multiple third-party service providers and convertvarious forms of digital value into a unified “currency” that can be managed ina value store.

The secure RetailWallet Engine software enables full integration with mobile payment products,including a white-label app, and features digital card enrollment, cardprovisioning and tokenization. The Retail Wallet Engine can be upgraded toinclude integration with Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) capabilities andinventory management to enable one-click pay and auto-pay creating a trulyfrictionless consumer experience.

The white-label appsoftware allows retailers to get their branded app quickly to market. The appcan be fully integrated with a suite of products, providing consumers withall-in-one access to the retailer’s unified digital wallet and value-addedservices.

Customizable modulesthat provide retailers and merchant acquirers the ability to securely connectto third-party services, convert different types of digital value to a unifiedcurrency, and manage gift card, loyalty and coupon services in-house.

Rambus Pay With cards

A credit/debit cardmodule that enables retailers to add a credit or debit card and usingtokenization for secure access to digitize physical cards into a single wallet.

A gift card module thatallows consumers to add or purchase gift cards, redeem gift cards, reload,provide balance inquiry or transfer gift card values.

A loyalty module thattracks new and existing loyalty cards, adds points on purchase, supportspayment with points and adds bonus points to incentivize users to buy or selectproducts.

A coupon module thatadds and redeems coupons, which enables retailers to push coupons to consumersin store or in virtual carts.

Enabling a Frictionless Shopping ExperienceThe Unified Payment Platform provides retailers with enhanced security,reduced cost and increased revenue. By using tokenization, the risk of card onfile fraud is reduced by replacing key account information with temporary data.The Retail Wallet Engine enables in-aisle check-out options to lower overheadcosts and reduce the number of POS terminals. The platform also helps increaserevenue by allowing retailers to more easily engage in cross- or up-sellopportunities with integrated loyalty points and coupons. In addition, thisfacilitates direct access to detailed shopping data, allowing retailers, banksand merchant acquirers to offer a personalized shopping experience and more effectivelycompete in a crowded marketplace.

For consumers, the platform provides an effortlessexperience by unifying multiple units of value—including credit/debit, giftcards, loyalty points and coupons—into a single mobile app, along withdigitized receipts and transaction history of purchases.

For more information about our Unified PaymentPlatform, please visit www.rambus.com/unifiedpayment.

About Rambus Security Division

The Rambus Security Division is dedicated to providing asecure foundation for a connected world. Integrating technologies fromCryptography Research, Bell ID and Ecebs, ourinnovative solutions span areas including tamper resistance, networksecurity, mobile payment, smart ticketingand trusted transaction services. Our technologies protect nearlynine billion licensed products annually, providing secure access to data andcreating an economy of digital trust between our customers and theircustomer base. Additional information is available at rambus.com/security.

About Rambus Inc.

Rambus createsinnovative hardware and software technologies, driving advancements from thedata center to the mobile edge. Our chips, customizable IP cores, architecturelicenses, tools, software, services, training and innovations improve thecompetitive advantage of our customers. We collaborate with the industry,partnering with leading ASIC and SoC designers, foundries, IP developers, EDAcompanies and validation labs. Our products are integrated into tens ofbillions of devices and systems, powering and securing diverse applications,including Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and consumer platforms.At Rambus, we are makers of better. For more information, visit rambus.com.

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