PULSE-Commissioned Study Shows Issuers Focusing on Instant Issuance and Business Debit

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

The Pulse Network’s annual study of debit card issuersunderscores the fact that debit cards have become a must-have payment form formost consumers.

Interest in instant cardissuance has increased year over year and is being seen as a strategy thatplays well for issuers that want to reach more consumers, more effectivelysince it provides the opportunity for better education, communication, and apersonalized experience – all highly valued by consumers.

According to the fifth-annual study, 72 percent of issuers viewimproving the performance of their debit portfolios by increasing penetration,activation and usage as a top priority this year. One of the key tacticsissuers are using to accomplish this objective is the deployment of instantissuance technology. With instant issuance, cardholders receive a debit card atthe branch as part of the process of opening a demand deposit account, ratherthan receiving their card in the mail.

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