Puloon USA Announces Certification of Sirius I and Sirius II ATMs with Columbus Data Services

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DALLAS, TX — Puloon USA officially announced thecertification of their Sirius I and Sirius II ATMs with Columbus Data Services (CDS), one ofthe nation’s largest ATM processors.

ATM operators who processmachines with CDS will now be able to utilize the compact, durable andattractive machines offered by Puloon to service a wide variety of locations.

“We are excited to receive fullcertification from CDS for the Sirius I and Sirius II ATMs,” said Manny Lopez,president of Puloon USA ATMs. “As one of the nation’s largest ATM processors,CDS certification provides greater access for many ATM operators looking forcompact, durable machines to utilize the sturdy, high-tech machines Puloonbrings to the market.”

CDS provides ATM services toover 80,000 terminals nationwide. Their connectivity to leading PIN debitnetworks including Cirrus, NYCE, Plus, Pulse, Star, Exchange, AFFN, CU24 andEBT will allow Puloon terminals operating on the network to provide a widelevel of surcharge and surcharge-free access to consumers.

Puloon’s Sirius I and Sirius IIATMs are designed to handle even high transaction volumes – with testeddurability and reliable, high-volume cassette configurations. The Sirius Imodel boasts a compact casing perfect for tight spaces that need a lot of cash.The Sirius II model sports high-level functionality with options for a barcodereader as well as high resolution and touch screens.

For more information on PuloonUSA ATMs, how to purchase machines or to become a distributor, visit puloonusa.com or contact the team at sales@puloonusa.com.

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