Prepaid Companies Should Strengthen the Customer Experience

by Paul Logan 0

Much has been said about how prepaid is a young industry experiencing tremendous growth amid high levels of regulatory scrutiny.

Most prepaid business are just trying to offer a quality product, service their consumers and turn a health profit in the process but the roadmap for success is not written in stone. New companies are forging a new path to success everyday.

One of the ways prepaid companies can compete at higher level is to focus on the customer experience. Poor customer experiences are a huge source of wasted money for businesses. Higher customer experience scores will translate to long-term loyalty, which supports strategic business objectives like bolstering brand image and building revenue through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Prepaid companies have an opportunity today to set standards for creating a positive consumer experience but the tool-kit of how to get there isn’t always easy to find.

Formulating a plan to implement these self-service best practices should be on the must-do list of any prepaid company today, so we created a white paper that gives prepaid companies simple tools and strategies to improve their contact center, boost the overall customer experience, drive better customer retention and show regulators that this industry is serious about customer satisfaction. Based on our experience as self-service solutions provider for over 20 million prepaid cardholders the whitepaper data originated from an analysis of over 2 billion customer care transactions from hundreds of enterprise clients, and over 10 years of data pulled from Contact Solutions’ proprietary Continuous Improvement (CI) practice.

It includes best practices for the following six interaction channels:

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