Petco Breach: Move Along, Nothing to See Here

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Payments industry folks will be happy to know that the recently announced breach of retailer Petco, wherein a laptop was stolen from a contractor working for the firm, included no payment card information or customer data. This refreshing change of pace was brought to you by Storefront Backtalk:

Petco this week became the latest retailer to suffer a data breach by way of auditors and stolen laptops. The breach in this instance involved sensitive employee data—names and Social Security numbers—but neither customer data nor payment-card information. Still, this situation raises the questions: What data-handling requirements for contractors are reasonable, and when do they become absurd?

In the case of Petco’s auditors, quite a few good precautions had been used. The “laptop computers were protected with a strong password and the Plan information was contained in a software program that is protected with an encrypted password,” according to an employee memo.

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