PayPal to Launch Micropayments Product at Developer Conference

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

PayPal may be feeling the pressure from Facebook Credits and may be practicing some one-up-manship as it hints that its’ new payment product will operate from within the game or shopping experience, allowing a consumer to continue playing or reading.

Apple and Zynga are rumored to be partners in the launch.


first announced the eventual roll out of a specialized micropayments product

in August, which would allow businesses to collect micropayments on the web via PayPal. Today, the company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it will be launching a ‘digital goods optimized product,’ a.k.a. a payments technology for micropayments, in a few weeks at the company’s developer conference, Innovate,. PayPal has also formed a number of high-profile partnerships with companies to implement the digital goods product, which will also be announced at the conference.

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