PayPal Streamlines Website Login via PayPal Access

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

At this week’s eBay X.Commerce event (more on this later) PayPal announced an identity service it calls PayPal Access. Its goal is to streamline Website and mobile registration and logins for consumers and to share, based on user permission, other user data such as shipping address. This lets the merchant better manage fraud while limiting input by the user. The painful two-step registration and checkout process could go away and, since no one loves typing on a mobile device, this will be a big help.

A one click PayPal scheme is in the making.

PayPal Access allows developers to integrate to the service via either OpenID or OAuth, the two leading identity schemes now on the web. While neither has been either easy to implement or broadly deployed, they are the best we have today.

Think of PayPal Access as a commerce identity service for consumers and merchants. We’ll see others emerge. Expect one from Google as well, likely tied to its mobile wallet and the NFC infrastructure on which it is based.

In the meantime, PayPal’s approach will be good for PayPal and the X.Commerce ecosystem announced this week by eBay.

With PayPal Access, you can provide an enhanced user experience to the visitors on your site. By registering users with a click of a button. PayPal Access transfers the data, if a user agrees, and the merchant site can use that data for account registration. It helps eliminate the friction associated with the registration process and forgotten passwords. PayPal Access goes much beyond just authentication and provides verified information on the user so you can control fraud and know that you are dealing with real users with real addresses. PayPal Access flows are optimized to support mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone.

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