PayPal Predicts End of NFC is Near

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Going on the offensive is nothing new for the PayPal team, but PayPal president David Marcus firmly believes 2013 will see the end of NFC. There’s no doubt that competitive lines for and against NFC are being drawn between the giants of the industry and sometimes these statements seem to be public statements actually designed to hit a specific target (in this case Visa). Nevertheless, since NFC-enabled devices are just now being put into market and PayPal has yet to convert its consumer base to active users at the physical point of sales, looks like the world may not be coming to an end after all.

PayPal president, David Marcus, predicted in a blog post Monday that NFC for payments will “fail to gain mass adoption” and the debate over NFC’s suitability for payments “will slowly die in 2013.”

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