PayPal Looks to Provide Regional Solution in Asia-Pac

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PayPal has been expanding successfully into international markets. It now aims to take its push a step further by being more flexible in serving international consumers’ needs by offering regional solutions rather than just a U.S. solution with a local language interface. And in Asia, the consumers’ needs might be quite different than their peers in the U.S. or Europe.

“Basically, our customers in Asia will have regional specific needs and problems. It doesn’t make sense to scale and change our solutions by referring to North America every time. This regional partnership will provide regional technological and business solutions,” Jayanthi Vaidyanathan, Director, Human Resources, PayPal India Private Limited said.

In order to do so, PayPal is expanding its development centers in India under coordination from its Asia-Pac headquarters in Singapore. Even though PayPal’s domestic service in India is currently put on hold due to unresolved licensing issues with India’s central bank, PayPal is not slowing down its expansion in the region.

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