PayPal Hints At Mobile Rewards Strategy

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

According to a recent interview with PayPal president David Marcus, he is bullish on mobile, citing a 196% increase in mobile payments on Cyber Monday compared with last year. Consumers certainly are using more mobile devices than ever before, including tablets to shop online. The key word here is online, since that’s still PayPal’s core consumer business. Yet, in this article, he also hints at its strategy to get consumers to choose PayPal in stores:

Rewards when you shop with PayPal will get even better early next year, Marcus said, citing Shopkick , an app that lets you earn rewards for visiting retailers, as an example. There are “better” and “cooler” ways of implementing this technology, he added.

The mobile rewards space is poised to become crowded, complicated, and confusing to the average consumer, so let’s hope that this better and cooler way to implement offer technologies includes is simpler and easier as well.

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