PaymentsJournal and Prime Factors Launch PCI Compliance Strategy Session

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

In the payments industry, no topic has generated more angst and confusion in recent years than PCI Compliance. To provide education and insights into this complex issue, today announced the launch of the PCI Compliance Strategy Session featuring news headlines, whitepapers, surveys, expert commentary and resource links.

The PCI Compliance Strategy Session is sponsored by Prime Factors, Inc., which is committed to making it the place you need to go to know about PCI, said Prime Factors President Patrick Riley.

Prime Factors will work with PaymentsJournal to uncover the latest on PCI and provide insights and advice on the topic from industry experts. For example, the Strategy Session hosts two white papers commissioned by Prime Factors that can be downloaded on the PCI page: “Data Encryption 101: A Pragmatic Approach to PCI Compliance,” and “Tokenization Guidance: How to Reduce PCI Compliance Costs.”

Click here to visit the PCI Compliance Strategy Session.

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