Path Social Network Extends Its Reach to Android OS

by Patricia McGinnis 0

Path is an upstart social network, oneof several that are attempting to define a niche distinct fromFacebook’s dominance. It launched in November 2010 as an iPhoneapp, and last week released its Android version.

Path is focused on creating and supporting a far more intimatesocial experience than Facebook; it actually limits users to 50friends. Capitalizing on the camera capabilities of the phones, itspecializes in making it easy to share spontaneous photos, andvideos up to 10 seconds, with a more select group of family andpersonal friends. The interactive usability is further enhanced forrecipients of photos, who can respond in one-click fashion byselecting from a short list of reactive emoticons.

FastCompany’s recent interview with Dave Morin (Path’s founder andex-Facebook employee) captures the positioning of Path:

“Compared to the full-court networkingpress of LinkedIn or the information cacophony of Twitter, Pathlooks and feels like a digital whisper shared between actualfriends. ‘We wanted to give people the power to capture the momentsof their lives into a stream so personal that you felt you could beyourself,’ says Morin.”

Facebook users who are becomingbothered by the blatant commercialization and loss of privacyinvolved in “selling your friends” may have good reason to likethis app. Path doesn’t have to take users away from Facebook inorder to succeed; many will likely choose to operate on bothnetworks, using Path to keep their private lives private.

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