ParTech Offers VeriSheild Encryption

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

POS vendor ParTech has announced the availability of VeriFone’s end-to-end ecryption solution VeriSheild as an integrated component of PAR EverServ payment application for the quick service restaurant industry. The announcement is the latest indication that more and more third-party payment application providers are turning to VeriFone for its encryption solution (and are pursuing encryption technology more generally).

“ParTech is committed to helping our customers achieve the highest levels of payment card security and simplify the process to meet PCI compliance requirements,” said Scott Langdoc, Chief Technology Officer, ParTech, Inc. “The inclusion of VeriShield Total Protect’s end-to-end encryption with our software is a great method for our customers to simplify and enhance their payment card security. VeriShield Total Protect provides operators peace of mind by dramatically reducing their payment card security risks and easing the process of meeting PCI requirements – today and in the future.”

As a key element of our overall payment card security strategy, PAR has created a fully integrated and easily supported solution that combines VeriShield Total Protect end-to-end encryption with PAR EverServ QSR 1.4 or later software using PAR’s proprietary electronic payment interface (EPI). PAR’s unique EPI gives operators the flexibility to implement their choice of industry-standard PCI security solutions today and adapt their POS system to support new security capabilities as PCI standards evolve. The EPI simplifies the integration of security solutions and helps operators quickly achieve PCI compliance. In addition to traditional POS environments, VeriShield Total Protect will be available on mobile payment devices.

“VeriFone has been working with PAR for many years to integrate our payment systems with PAR POS software, and these solutions are used by many of the world’s leading restaurant brands,” said Jennifer Miles, VeriFone senior vice president – Retail, Global Security and Vertical Solutions. “PAR EverServ software customers now have the assurance of full, end-to-end encryption for all payment-card transaction data with our de facto industry standard for card data encryption. This will enable them to significantly reduce the scope of PCI compliance and its associated costs.”

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