P2P Market Needs Consollidation

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Fiserv’s acquisition of CashEdge should be good news for the P2P and financial institution markets. Cracking the code for true P2P payments is a vital step toward migrating cash to electronic payments and it also gives financial institutions an important competitive plank in their payments platform.

“I’ll let the investment bankers opine on the price of the deal, but I think this is a solid pickup strategically speaking,” said Scott Hodgins of Cornerstone Advisors in Scottsdale, Ariz. “Take one look at the core players’ SEC filings, and you’ll know that all the revenue growth is in payments. While Fiserv’s ZashPay was widely considered a cool idea, it had a lot of proving to do for even the biggest e-optimists.

“CashEdge will bring some real end users to the party.”

The payments industry needs the muscle that organizations like Fiserv can bring to pulling together the fragmented components of emerging payment types. We would expect to see more of these acquisitions take place over the course of the next year as regulatory activity cools down and the economy heats up.

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