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Innovative MobilePayments Solution Provider to Help Establish Transit Ticketing Standards

21 June, 2017OSPT Alliance, a vendor neutral, global association chartered to helpthe transit, mobile and loyalty markets move towards an open infrastructurethat enables secure, cost-effective and flexible fare collectionsolutions, today announced that it has added Cardtek to its membershipbase.

Cardtek develops end-to-end payment solutions forbanks, processors, telecom operators, retail and public transit services -serving over 150 customers across 28 countries worldwide. As a full OSPTAlliance member, Cardtek plans todevelop and implement host card emulation (HCE) and near field communications(NFC) mobile ticketing solutions, based on OSPT Alliance’s CIPURSE™ Specification. CIPURSE is based on ISO 7816and ISO/IEC 14443-4 forfare collection systems and multi-application programs using contactless media.

“There’s immense potentialfor HCE and mobile ticketing in transit systems around the world and becomingan OSPT Alliance member will align us more closely with the CIPURSE Specificationfor developing secure and interoperable solutions,” says Erdal Yazmaci,Co-Founder at Cardtek. “We also want to lend our 16 years of payments industryexperience to OSPT Alliance and help drive the adoption of an open standard fordeveloping secure transit fare collection solutions.”

Full membership benefits include the ability toinfluence technical standardization and strategic activity within OSPTAlliance, early stage market intelligence, market influence and profile, andenhanced networking and collaboration opportunities.

“We’re pleased to welcomeCardtek to OSPT Alliance,” comments Laurent Cremer, Executive Director of OSPTAlliance. “Cardtek has been atthe forefront of a number of major public transportation projects in Europe,India, Turkey, Dubai and North America. The company offers an in-depthunderstanding of how to develop highly secure mobile payment solutions, whichwill be a valuable contribution to OSPT Alliance’s work in this area.”

To find out more about becoming a memberof OSPT Alliance, please visit www.osptalliance.org.

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