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CHICAGO, December 22, 2016 — OpusConsulting Solutions, a technologyservices and solutions company focused exclusively on meeting the needs of thepayments industry,today announced that it has become a trusted member of FinXTech, adivision of Bank Director, which connects qualified fintech service firms withforward-looking bank leaders of today.

“Technologyfirms don’t have to be in the ‘banking business’ to provide superior paymentand money-transfer services, credit-debit accounts, digital wallets, and otherconsumer conveniences that today are the ‘bread and butter’ of traditionalretail banks,” notes Anand Ramakrishnan, President and CEO of OpusConsulting. “Over the next5-10 years, we believe the backendinfrastructure for payments will go real time, so we are working on things that will enable a real-time paymentsarchitecture. Inaddition to real-time payments, we believethat a huge transformation is still required on the retail side of the house,where the checkout experience needs to be improved. We are doing everythingincluding intelligent POS, intelligent ATM and intelligent retailerecommerce experiences, which is all enabled by taking out the intelligence fromhardware and putting it out in the formof APIs. We are one of the few companieswho have actually done it.”

Kelsey Weaver, President of FinXTech said, “We are happy to have OpusConsulting as a member of FinXTech. We look forward to the payments innovationsand solutions Opus delivers to help banks and financial services firms deliverspeedy and convenient payment services to customers.”

About Opus Consulting Solutions

Opus Consulting Solutions is aleading, payments-domain focused, technology services provider headquartered inthe U.S. Our over 800 professionals combine a wealth of experience, domainexpertise, technology capabilities and mature processes to delivermarket-leading solutions via our domain-service lines, including Remittance,Cards, Retail and Payments, as well as the technology service lines of Digital,Data & Analytics, and Testing.

For more information, visit www.opusconsulting.com.

About FinXTech

Serving as the intersection between financial institutions andtechnology leaders, Bank Director’s new division FinXTech, has been designed asa resource for authoritative, relevant and trusted content for banks, fintechcompanies, investors and services firms.

For more information, visit: http://www.FinXTech.com

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