Opt-in Fraud Alerts for Bank Customers from Clairmail

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Clairmail has expanded its accountholder alerting service to include text messages sent when a fraudulent transaction is suspected. To accomplish this, Clairmail’s alerting platform is integrated with the bank’s fraud detection system. A customer may elect to receive alerts for risky transactions over a certain dollar value or (for customers who never transact online) if a transaction comes from an online merchant. The opt-in service will be offered through Clairmail’s bank customers.

ClairMail’s Fraud Solution allows financial institutions to generate and deliver real-time alerts that allow customers to monitor account spending and identify fraudulent transactions more quickly. In addition, ClairMail will automatically identify suspect transactions and allow users to resolve the issue from their mobile phone.

The alerts themselves (text and in-app) will enable banks and consumers to define and customize alerts based on suspicious activities or on thresholds the consumer sets. So you could set a fraud alert for anytime your card is used for purchases above $2,000, and if the alert is set off, the user can instantly respond confirming or denying the validity of the transaction.

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