Nvoicepay Strengthens Strategic Partnership with Mastercard to Deliver Intelligent Payment Automation to the Enterprise

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Portland, OR – June 21, 2018 Nvoicepay, the leader in intelligent payment automation for the enterprise, announced a deeper strategic partnership with Mastercard.  Mastercard will support Nvoicepay’s solution as a leading choice for enterprise customers and enhance Nvoicepay’s emerging partnerships with some of the country’s top banks through the use of Mastercard In Control TM for Commercial Payments, virtual card platform.

“In a world that is slowly becoming accustomed to choice and immediacy, businesses too are looking for innovation in how they are paying and getting paid and the processes surrounding it,” said Colleen Taylor, executive vice president, New Payment Flows, Mastercard. “By supporting Nvoicepay’s go-to-market plan, we will be able to further transform how enterprise customers do business.”

Nvoicepay’s leading industry role of creating innovative payment automation software enabling enterprises to simply and securely pay hundreds of thousands of suppliers.  Nvoicepay streamlines domestic and international payments in the same process, requires minimal human touchpoints, and is designed to handle enterprise complexity with ease.

“We are leading payment automation for the enterprise, and our dynamic management of supplier information removes manual touch points across all payments and all ERP systems,”said CEO and founder Karla Friede.  “Our partnership with Mastercard is a significant milestone as we continue to expand capabilities and meet the needs of complex global enterprises.  We are excited to serve Mastercard partner banks and leverage Mastercard’s industry leading virtual card platform.”

About Nvoicepay 

Nvoicepay transforms the massive and expensive effort that goes into paying suppliers into a simple and automated solution. For over 2,750 customers, the company optimizes electronic invoice payments for enterprises with intuitive cloud-based software. In addition, Nvoicepay provides comprehensive supplier services through their Payment Command Center and the highest level of security in the industry. By automating all payments, Nvoicepay unlocks resources and immediately reduces accounts payable costs by 75 percent. Learn more at https://www.nvoicepay.com and on Twitter at @Nvoicepay.

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