Now Consumers Get Anti-Skimming Training

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

You know a problem is bubbling up when a major business newspaper not known for
“how to” articles puts out a piece on ATM skimming and how to detect tampered devices. ATM skimmers are becoming more technically sophisticated and looking more like the ATMs they are attached to. Preventing cloned magstripe cards through smartcards is one argument for the looming systemic EMV change.

The next time you pull up to an ATM, take a closer look at the machine. Does it look a little clunkier than usual?

Look too at what’s around you: Are there mirrors? Is there a brochure holder over your shoulder? Does it look like there might be a false panel or an extra light bar attached to the machine?

If something looks or feels amiss, walk away. You might save yourself from perpetuating a consumer fraud called ATM skimming. That’s when thieves attach devices onto ATM machines in order to copy a credit- or debit-card number, the information on the magnetic strip and even your personal identification number.

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