NoFraud Announces Multiple New Integrations With ECommerce Platforms That Cater To SMBs

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New York, NY – NoFraud, apremier provider of fraud prevention technology, announces multiple newcompatibilities for its fraud prevention services. NoFraud specializes inproviding eCommerce businesses with a full-service fraud tool, eliminating theneed for any type of merchant involvement or expertise in the fraud preventionresponsibility. NoFraud’s full-service fraud prevention tool integrations comeat an opportune time for small and mid-sized businesses. With EMV chip adoptiongaining steam in the U.S. making in-store purchases more secure, small tomid-sized businesses are scrambling to address the resulting spike in eCommercefraud.

“Fighting fraud effectively takes alot of time and skill,” says Isaac Gurary, CEO at NoFraud. “If businesses aren’table to fine-tune their efforts they can end up accepting fraudulent orders or,on the flip side, declining legitimate order due to overzealous fraudprevention. Most SMBs simply do not have the time and/or resources to devote tocreate effective fraud prevention logic and conduct manual reviews onquestionable transactions.” Noticing a dearth in robust full-service fraudprevention applications on many eCommerce platforms that cater to SMBs, NoFraudinvested in making its fraud prevention tool easily available to thosebusinesses.

NoFraud’s technology can now easilybe accessed by online stores using the following eCommerce platforms that caterto SMBs:







Beverage Media Group

Pinnacle Cart


NoFraud Features:

Current fraud rates below 0.1%

Full-Service fraud prevention technology – no merchant involvementneeded

Complete elimination of merchant manual reviews of orders

No integration fees, long-term commitments or monthly minimums

Chargeback Protection available

These integrations are just thelatest example of NoFraud’s ongoing commitment to expand its fraud preventioncapabilities to more SMB customers. Most SMBs do not have the resources for afraud prevention department and NoFraud’s full-service product is the perfectsolution to that shortcoming.

About NoFraud:

NoFraud, based in New York, NY,provides eCommerce merchants with the most effective eCommerce card-not-presentfraud protection (CNP), virtually eliminating card-not-present (CNP) fraud,false positives, and chargebacks. See an immediate impact on your bottom line,without manual review or training. NoFraud is the price-performance leader,with no monthly minimums, lengthy contracts, or start-up fees. No Fraud’s teamof industry experts constantly updates the system using the latest technologyto meet emerging threats. It is the only commercially available service thatcontacts cardholders directly to verify purchases, ensuring that businessesdon’t deny legitimate customers. Visit for more information.

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