No ATMs? No Problem as PayPal to Leverage Coinstar Network

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Like other prepaid accounts, PayPal has to solve for convenience when it comes to getting consumers to load funds into their account. In an awkward moment for both companies, the nationwide expansion of the strategic alliance between PayPal and Coinstar was revealed somewhat prematurely to consumers who had participated in the pilot. Now that it’s done, consumers can sign up to receive availability notices for their area.

From PaymentsSource:

Not all kiosks are equipped to handle the PayPal transactions and it’s unclear the steps involved in the nationwide expansion of the capabilities or how long the process will take. The Coinstar website lets users sign up to receive notifications when the service becomes available in their ZIP code.

When this expansion does take place, Coinstar’s 19,000 kiosks conveniently located where consumers shop everyday should add value to the PayPal brand by enabling consumers an easy place to convert cash into digital money that can be used at a wide variety of merchants, both online and offline.

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