New Study Finds UK Lagging Behind U.S. in Mobile Commerce

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

United Kingdom consumers are more aware and interested in mobile payments, but mobile commerce is growing at a faster rate in the United States, according to a study from UK-based mobile-commerce firm Judo Payments.

Just over 20% of UK smartphone users have attempted to make a payment from their mobile device, according to the study. In the U.S, 60% of smartphone users have attempted to do the same. The study reports that 7 million consumer in the UK have made a purchase from their mobile phone in the past. But 1.7 million of those consumers have had their mobile transactions fail and another 1.3 million have seen their transactions fail on multiple occasions.

While a number of mobile-payment services such as Barclay’s Pingit have been launched in recent years, the market overall is less developed than other mobile payment markets. The lack of mobile payment services, however, clearly has not put a dent in consumer enthusiasm. If mobile-payment providers can make the overall mobile commerce experience better for consumers, you can reasonably expect mobile payments to really take off in the UK.

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