NetSecure Expands Its Portfolio

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Securing online, ecommerce payments is no easy trick. The plethora of hacks – man in the middle, man in the browser, and other malware attacks – continues to expand. NetSecure has had a USB-connected magstripe reader on the market for a few years. The company has now expanded its capabilities to include software-only solutions for merchants, FIs, and other payment constituents that are strengthened, optionally, with the addition of consumer-operated card reader capability. In this release, the company has added a chip and PIN reader capability to its initial SmartSwipe magstripe-based product offering.

The company’s award-winning SmartSwipe, an online purchase security system, enables consumers to swipe their credit cards at home while shopping online. Using the same level of encryption found in ATM’s, SmartSwipe encrypts the card information while being swiped, rendering it unreadable to hackers and malicious programs.

NetSecure’s newest endpoint security product PINCheckout, a chip and PIN technology solution, oversees transactions and enables card issuers and financial institutions to offer their customers a secure online shopping environment for their chip and PIN transactions. With PINCheckout, e-commerce transactions are secured by encrypting sensitive information through an external device and remains protected throughout the entire transaction.

SafeCheckout, which powers PINCheckout and SmartSwipe, is a true end-to-end encryption solution within a web browser session. It replaces consumers’ real information with fake information, while the entire transaction is protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SafeCheckout protects users from endpoint threats, such as zero-day attacks.

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