Nets and Bokis Roll-Out Lock-Screen Payment Functionality and Biometric Authentication

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22 June– Nets has updated the Dankort mobile payments app with additionalfunctionalities that allow shoppers to make payments quickly and easily. iPhoneusers can now make payments from their lock-screen when they shop in the storesof Dansk Supermarked Group, and validate purchases over DKK 200 simply by usingTouch ID.

Three weeksago, Dansk Supermarked Group allowed a limited test group to trial thelock-screen Dankort mobile payment functionality in all Netto, Føtex, Bilka andSalling supermarkets. The functionality has now been extended to all users andmakes performing mobile contactless payments for larger amounts even moreconvenient.

Now, anyonewith the Dankort app, or a mobile wallet from Spar NordBank, Sydbank, Nykredit Bank, Arbejdernes Landsbank, Lån og Spar Bank, togetherwith any one of the 60 local banks supporting My Wallet, can utilise the newfunctionality.

“TheDanes have really taken to contactless payments and have quickly become used tothis new and faster way of paying. We are now offering the option to makecontactless payments by phone in a way that matches the user experience of thephysical Dankort,” says Nets Senior Vice President Responsible for Dankort,Jeppe Juul-Andersen.

Enablingmore convenient mobile payments for all

Forpurchases of up to DKK 200 all the shopper needs to do is move their phoneclose to the terminal, and the payment is made instantly. Similar to thecontactless Dankort, amounts over DKK 200 have, until now, required validationwith a four-digit code. iPhone users can now choose to validate payments withTouch ID instead.

“Payingfrom lock-screen and approving amounts with Touch ID improve the userexperience and make payment by phone quicker and easier than ever. Users of ourAndroid app have been able to pay from their lock-screen since the beginning ofApril, and we are proud to also offer this opportunity to our customers with aniPhone,” says Bokis Chairman Jesper Schiøler, representing the members of theAssociation of Local Banks, Savings Banks and Cooperative Banks in Denmark.

Theimportance of user input

Members ofthe Dankort Idea Lab have been testing lock-screen payments in DanskSupermarked Group stores for almost a month, and after receiving overwhelminglypositive feedback, Nets and Bokis have made this option available to allcustomers.

“We offerall Danes wanting to pay by phone an opportunity to make it as convenient aspossible. Our customers have really embraced the contactless Dankort, andrecent feedback from customers testing lock-screen payments has been positive.As such, we are pleased to offer everyone a mobile payment option that matchesthe user experience of the contactless Dankort,” says Dansk Supermarked GroupHead of IT Business Support Jens Freiberg.

In thecoming months, more retail chains across Denmark will make payments via Dankorton the mobile available, enabling fast and convenient payments across thecountry.

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