Near Field Communications World: Wells Fargo to Run NFC Field Trial

by George Peabody 0

Visa is getting some traction with itsDeviceFidelity-based NFC pilots, at least in terms of the banks willing topilot the project with them. Wells Faro joins US Bank and Bank of Americain the US and Turkey’s Akbank in the trial program. Of course, a pilot isjust that and we have seen innumerable NFC pilots over the last five years.

Visa partnered with DeviceFidelity in February this year,with the aim of running a series of trials of microSD-based NFC technologybefore the end of 2010. DeviceFidelity’s In2Pay product includes both anantenna and an industry standard dual interface contactless smart card chipthat can be loaded with a certified payment application — such as those fromVisa or MasterCard — using standard bank card personalisation and card issuingsystems. This allows banks and other service providers to offer NFC services totheir customers with minimum amendments to their existing infrastructure.

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