Moneris Provides Mobile Payment Acceptance to Canadian Merchants

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Moneris Solutions is now offering Canadian merchants an app that will allow them to accept credit card payments via their smartphones. The app provides real-time authorization, sends receipts by email, and generates reports showing transaction history. Along with the app, Moneris is offering a magstripe reader that connects to the audio jack of the phone. This package is being provided in response to a growing demand among Canadian business owners for mobile-based processing solutions.

In a recent survey conducted by Moneris, 57 per cent of Moneris Advisory Council members, composed of Canadian small business owners, described their mobile device as a vital asset in the successful running of their businesses. In terms of smartphone usage, 57 per cent of the respondents said they are current users, with BlackBerry(R) showing the highest level of adoption at 29 per cent.

When it comes to accepting payments with a smartphone, 38 per cent stated that they would be willing to do so, and another 20 per cent were undecided. Many Canadian merchants are looking to be early adopters, with 60 per cent of the respondents stating that they would adopt a mobile payment solution within the first three months of introduction.

The Moneris e-Select plus Mobile App is currently available on the Moneris website.

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