Mobile Payments Increased 38 Percent Worldwide Since January: txtNation

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SMS mobile payment provider txtNation has ties up with multiple mobile operators in each of the four Scandinavian countries. The service, like almost all mobile payment services, started with digital goods. With greater merchant awareness and SMS ubiquity (it’s on every handset in the world) the company is now seeing sales for tickets, both transit and events, picking up. The rise in transit usage could be of concern to card brands who have been trying to break into the low value, high volume transit space for years. If mobile payment service providers can tie up with transit companies, card brand plans for strong growth in transit markets might have to be adjusted downward.

In the past we’ve predominantly worked with clients from the gaming sector, offering interactive games that sell virtual currency, or providing access to a special “members” area.

More recently, we’ve seen an upturn in enquiries from other sectors.

For example, mobile ticketing, where businesses offer their consumers the option to purchase and receive their concert or match ticket via SMS, has become very popular.

Orange’s British promotion “Orange Wednesdays” has blazed a trail for this type of service provision.

Subway and bus tickets in particular are becoming increasingly popular in the Nordics, with more than 10 percent of purchases being made via SMS.

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