Mobile Couponing & Activation For InComm Customers Via Adility Acquisition

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Through the acquisition of Adility, issuers distributing cards through InComm and retailers that have deployed the InComm Prepaid Mall now have the opportunity to implement mobile couponing and mobile activation.

From InComm’s press release:

The Adility platform provides retailers and brands with mobile solutions for the activation of prepaid products in retail stores via their existing point-of-sale (POS) infrastructures. The platform also enables the distribution and management of digital promotions and single-use coupons. InComm’s infrastructure and retail integration ensures these prepaid products and single-use coupons can be redeemed in stores through seamless POS transactions.

Adility and InComm have been partners for a significant length of time, so it should be no surprise that despite the announcement of the acquisition being dated Dec. 10, the integration between these two companies is already well established. The value as described by InComm is this:

“This acquisition will allow InComm retailers to capitalize on the increasing share of web and mobile-influenced commerce,’ said Brooks Smith, president and CEO, InComm. “It demonstrates our commitment to expand distribution of digital promotions for our partners and complements InComm’s world-class digital distribution capabilities that continue to transform the shopping experience.”

Perhaps most interesting is that with Adility, the capabilities of InComm to implement electronic coupons and incentives that are restricted by date, time, and product SKU is moved to the mobile handset. This makes distribution and redemption of such restricted offers easier for the issuer and the consumer.

Click here to read the full press release.

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