MicroStrategy and Teradata Roll Out Multi-Channel Customer Analytics for Banks

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Two leaders in the data analytics field are joining together to help delivery channel managers in the financial industry make better decisions on how to improve customer satisfaction and generate more revenue from deeper relationships. Banks have made progress in improving customer satisfaction at individual touch points such as online banking where they now score higher than the top 100 retailers. They lag however, in managing interactions across multiple channels which consumers are executing more frequently with the adoption of online and mobile banking.

The customer analytics solution integrates data from customer experiences across a broad range of banking customer touch points into an easy-to-use information dashboard. A customer’s journey from viewing a financial product or service on the bank’s website, to an inquiry at the bank’s branch, to making a transaction by phone can provide important information from a marketing, sales, customer care, and profitability perspective. With detailed insights into customer behaviors and preferences, banks can make analytically-based decisions to improve marketing campaigns, launch new products, enhance customer service programs, and ultimately retain and grow customer relationships.

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