Merchant Service Sales Tries Clarity as Competitive Differentiator

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Merchant Service Sales, a merchant services company, has announced a new pricing program called its Clear View Pricing System. By moving a portion of variable costs into a monthly fixed fee, the company claims it can drop credit processing costs for physician practices between 15 and 20 percent.

Merchant Service Sales is hardly the first to use pricing clarity and transparency as a competitive tool. Heartland Payment Systems has taken pricing transparency to a high art through its Merchant Bill of Rights program and it has worked very well. No doubt, Merchant Service Sales is hoping to be so fortunate.

Instead of incurring higher fees as more credit card transactions are processed, the Clear View Pricing System allows businesses to pay only the interchange charges plus a flat monthly fee. The business knows the flat fee every month, no matter what the sales volume. Gone are the service charges and extra fees that add up quickly.

From the Merchant Service Sales Web site: “We special flat rate prices for several industries including any and all doctors, restaurants, dry cleaners, automotive repair services,and hotels.”

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