Merchant Processors Saying Yes to Online PIN Debit

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

PaySecure is another merchant processor lining up to support Acculynk’s Internet PIN debit product, and this newest sale indicates that the company is seeing some success in the merchant processing market. For these processors, the market can be defined on a payment form by form basis. While we’re still waiting to see the consumer adoption side of the equation, Acculynk is busy growing their capabilities and could be ramping up towards the M&A market, where online and mobile commerce technologies don’t seem to need a lot of transactions to back up their perceived value.

“Our goal certainly would be to use PaySecure to attract merchants to our platform, whether it is for PaySecure transactions only or for their entire card business,” said Voigt. “It’s a very simple process for new merchants to sign with us for either option.”

Acculynk continues to bring new functionality to PaySecure, announcing the availability of the product on mobile phones in January and extending PaySecure to applications outside of traditional Internet PIN debit, including P2P transfers.

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